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Charlie Brown Christmas

December 16, 2011

        My computer is acting up and would not post this on FaceBook today.

        My Song of the Day is “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” Artist: Charlie Brown and the gang, Linus on the piano.

        I send this out to all the Charlie Browns of the world; the humble kids who’s rather sing than fight, preferred to play music instead of football, shy but sociable; you know ’em. Most of them found their way to an adult life of grace and dignity.

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!!!

Dr. B


A Charlie Brown Christmas

December 26, 2010

        We didn’t get into our stockings until the day after Christmas. Here’s the rule for the stockings at our house; nothing over ten bucks. My wife found “A Charlie Brown Christmas” for nine dollars.

        You might ask what an old man needs with a kid’s interactive book. Well, my wife sure knew. I sat there and read that thing, pushed the buttons to make the songs play, and laughed like a small child. Call me a sap if you like, I don’t care.

        You see, I was a Charlie Brown kinda guy, except I got lucky and married the little red-haired girl. As a kid I was a skinny boy; about as average as you can get. With the exception of a fair golf game I had no special athletic ability. I once was the leading scorer in a church league basketball game, (twelve points) and one time in Little League I hit a double off a future AAA pitcher. But truth was I had my eyes closed; he was so fast I couldn’t have seen the ball anyway. I just swung and got lucky.

        But bless her heart, my wife saw something in me. I just wasn’t a “pass gas, watch football, drink beer, make fun of people” kind of guy, but I was good with books, and she believed in me before anyone else other than my Mom and Dad and maybe my high school chemistry teacher. I owe her a lot.

        Today my daughter sat there, watched me read that book, and grinned.  “Daddy is just a large child.”

        Ain’t no changing a Charlie Brown kinda guy; just have to accept ’em for what they are. My son accepts me too, and he’s as tough as a pine knot as there ever was. 

        Maybe I am a sap, but the kids don’t make fun of me. If they did, they know what I’d say. “You better be glad for one time in history Charlie Brown managed to go out with the little red-haired girl, otherwise there wouldn’t be any you.”

        If anyone asks you what makes this old doc so serene, you tell ’em, “Well, he’s got Jesus and the little red-haired girl too. If you’d ever been a Charlie Brown you’d understand.”

        As Indie would say, “It ain’t no more complicated than that.”

Dr. B