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Tom at TKL Cedar Creek Custom Cases read “The Mandolin Case,” then wrote me with some excellent questions about the story. After we exchanged e-mails, they became my first sponsor for my book tour. They are building me a custom mandolin case which should be ready soon, so stop and ask me about it when you see me out. They do fine work and I am proud to be associated with them. Here’s their website:

Weber Mandolin is now the official mandolin of the Tommy Bibey and Mandolin Case Tour.  already owned three Of Bruce Weber’s lovely creations. recently one of his dealers, John Reid at Shelby Music Center in the home of Earl Scruggs acquired  a WEBER mandola at an artist discount for me. (Harvey County didn’t have  dealer that big)

         Right away I assigned co-ownership of the mandola to Darin Aldridge. My illness is gonna keep me off the road two months and I wanted him to be able to take it out there and show it off. It is way too much instrument to just sit at the house, and Bruce Weber deserves the exposure for his fine craftmanship and

         Please thank Weber, Shelby Music, and Darin for their belief in me. Like my wife no one seems to think my song is “Long Gone” yet. 

        As of June 26 2011 I am pleased to add Lakota Leathers fine instruments straps as a sponsor of the Tommy Bibey Tour. See my blog post post today for details, but these are simply the finest straps I have ever run into. Here is their website.      Check ’em out!

DR Strings is now a sponsor. Dr. Strings and Dr. B- a nice fit, huh? They make fine strings and I am proud to be associated with them.

Dr. B


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  1. drtombibey Says:

    A picture of the official “Case of the Mandolin Case” case is archived on Oct 2 2011. Dr. B

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