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Music as a Family Tradition

June 30, 2012

Around here music is more than a meal; it’s a family tradition.  We get invited to McMurry Family Farms music session a couple times a year.  They range from pig pickin’s to  macaroni and cheese fest, and they are always excellent.  Steve is always willing to help our family, but reciporaction means a lot too.  Steve is multitalented.  He plays mandolin, guitar and banjo, and has insider knowledge on how to tie everything from a wild hog to wild boys.  I remember one time I had to call him for advice, and he said he had boys under contract to transport as far as Chattanooga, and he would recommend meeting me there.  Given he had deep adventure experience, and I had virtually none, I followed his advice and everything worked out.  I do have significant trust of Steve and his associates.  If I had needed to get my wife and daughter to Chattanooga, I would have followed him there.  By the same token, I had interest and in depth knowledge of aortic stenosis, and that was beneficial to their family too.  Although we grew up in two different worlds, we shared one music that was so deep that we were brothers and grew a mutually beneficial friendship out of the relationship.


news on “Acquisition Syndrome”

May 2, 2012

I spoke to my agent yesterday. The feedback from test readers is excellent and the publisher is satisfied to go press very soon. I hope to find as many new friends as I did with “The Mandolin Case. I hope to post many more specifics, dates, links, etc very soon so stay tuned.”Dr. B

April 28, 2012

A recent FB”Song of the Day” for me was “All of Me” as rendered by Don Stiernberg. From his ‘Swing 220’ CD. If you like jazz, swing, big band era, or just all around fine mandolin playing, you’ll like this recording. Jethro would be proud. Cuts also include ‘Caravan, ‘Limehouse Blues,’ ‘Pennies From Heaven,” “Honeysuckle Rose,” “After you’re Gone,” “Lady Be Good’ and more. Excellent work!

Here’s his website: WWW.DONSTIERNBERG.COM

“ivealways heard when New Grass toutred through the Chicago area, the band always allowed some extra time in the schedule  so Sam Bush could take in q lesson with Jethro Burns and  Don Stirenburg. I figure if the material is worthy of Sam’s 1me…

Dr. Peter Temple

March 11, 2012


        It was a sad weekend in that it marked the passing of my med school friend, professor, and mentor, Dr. Peter Temple. Still, there was hope. His receiving of friends, as one might expect, was a big party that showed how many people he influenced. Not only does he leave behind a wonderful nuclear family, but many folks like me whose lives were enriched by him. Dr. Temple showed me how to be a doc but still enjoy life; he perfected the art.

       The celebration of his life was friends and food and drink and music. Kids ran through the yard, splashed in a puddle, played with some new puppies, and climbed the cedar trees around the house. In addition to ham sandwiches and fruit and cheese there was sushi and edamame and chocolate cake and of course bluegrass on the front porch. Folks there included guys like George on the banjo, who played with Peter and Junior and Greek in the Tar River Boys back when I was in med school. We played standards out of Temple’s set list; numbers like “I Wonder How the old Folks are at Home, and “I’m Using my Bible For a Road Map.” My daughter had to pull up the lyrics for it on her cell phone, but we honored his request that we do “You Go To Your Church and I’ll Go To Mine,” one that I had promised him years ago I would play for him whenever the time came.    

         I was sad to see him pass, but glad he has no more suffering. One thing is certain; there will never be another one like him.

Dr. B

We’re in this Love Together

August 18, 2011

My old pal Darin Aldridge and his wife Brooke are nominated for IBMA Emerging Artist of the Year 2011.  Not long ago I had the good fortune to talk to a well-known talent man in Nashville about them and some of my other favorite artists. I asked what he thought. “Young attractive couple, very talented, not afraid to work hard.”

I figured this guy didn’t get where he got by bad judgment. I agree. “I think they’ll make it.” 

“I think so too,” he said.

        Look for them at a venue near you.  Tell ’em Dr. B  said if you are of means to buy at least two CDs.  And make sure to get them signed,

Dr. B

pros and amateurs

August 14, 2011

I recall a time when some people (not many) thought to have a thriving local or regional music venue there was no need to court local musicians. I understand some of that thought process. I wouldn’t drive five hundred miles to hear a guy like me play either but Marty Stuart or Alison Brown, now that’s different.

BUT the amateurs do have a role. Due to a long string of charity events. teaching school kids about bluegrass, (Darin always helped me with those gigs ) and also from sitting in with the pros when they toured through, good old Doc still the #1 played artist on the Don Gibson stage.  Talk about bluegrass trivia!

It’s like golf. The serious amatuers drive the pro game (they buy the clubs, balls, shirts, etc.). I once played a charity event with Bob Charles, the 1963 British Open champion. He was 62 at the time; I was in my fourties.  I couldn’t play like him but I at least had some  idea what he was doing and how hard he must have worked at the game to get that good. I asked him ,”Mr. Charles, other than eight million practice balls and thirty years of touring the world playing golf, what’s the difference in our golf games?” He just smiled.

It’s much the same in music. The great ones didn’t get there by accident.

So, if you love the music, figure out a way to pitch in even if you don’t play like a pro. We need us all to make it work.


Darin and Brooke

July 29, 2011

        Darin and Brooke Aldridge have a CD release party Saturday July 30th 8:00at 8:00 at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds.  love this record. So does Tom T. Hall. He wrote two songs for it and also sang on one cut.

           I hope y’ll will come out and hear these kids. If you long for country music with message,  melody, and true family values they are what you are looking for.  

Dr. B