“The Mandolin Case”- Where to Buy the Book, Website Link, and Quotes From Readers

Here’s where you can purchase “The Mandolin Case.”

My website link is: www.themandolincase.com It has a link to Amazon.com.

If you prefer the electronic version here’s the link to Kindle:


Here are some quotes from folks about “The Mandolin Case.” (Most of these are also on the website) Feel free to add one in the comments. 

“The Mandolin Case” Quotes 

“Tommy Bibey keeps his feet and his heart in three different worlds: bluegrass music, family medicine, and golf.  In The Mandolin Case he conflates these three worlds into an arresting story that sheds humane light and his gentle humor on his world and the folks who inhabit it.”    Ted Lehmann, Bluegrass Photojournalist  

“Dr. Bibey honors the truth and simplicity of rural southern life and traditional music.  Finally, an author resists the hackneyed stereotype to accurately portray the integrity of bluegrass music and the people that love it.”  -Kristin Scott Benson, member of Grascals, IBMA Banjo Player of Year 2008 and 2009  

“The ‘The Mandolin Case’ provides more twists and curls than the grain in a piece of birds-eye maple.  Like a master fiddler weaving notes through the melody of a song, Bibey holds forth simplicity as the most complex asset when prejudice and greed place honor and integrity on trial.  Dan Hays, International Bluegrass Music Association” 

 “Ranger Dog knew the truth all along”  –Cindy Carter, long time Dr. Bibey Blog  reader from N.C.  

“There is something you can learn from every mandolin player you hear.”  Sam Bush, King of Newgrass and the right-hand rocking, reggae ruler of the Mandolin Universe.   

Dr B—I have really enjoyed reading your work. It appears you have captured the essence of what we strive to do in the legal profession with your portrayal of Martin Taylor. He has the requisite qualities and attributes of a true Southern lawyer and what I consider the ultimate qualification—a seeker of truth. Perhaps one day you could introduce me to him. I would love to get to know him better. You should continue your writing efforts, as you have a unique talent. —  Bill Elam -prominent Charlotte, N.C. attorney and medical malpractice specialist  

“If the mandolin stands for the truth, I’m all for it.”  Ronnie McCoury of the Del McCoury band and the Traveling McCoury’s  

I was raised in a valley town between the Cumberland Mountains, I know the characters in the Mandolin Case. Dr Bibey shows them as they are; fun loving musicians, card players and sportsman. These are the people I grew up with. Mix them with a bunch of lawyers and you’ve got one hell of a read.  I didn’t want it to end. –Don Sterchi — Newspaper columnist and free lance writer 

“The secret is in the mandolins.” Tony Williamson, Merlefest Mandomania moderator and mandolin master.  

“I meet a great many characters and untangle a lot of plot lines in my job as a book editor. I meet a great many authors, too. Tom Bibey is certainly up at the top level with those, because both his characters and his plot in The Mandolin Case match his philosophy on life: You cannot get through it by cheating your family, neighbors, or friends. Love and loyalty make up his life and his novel. The book is a little gem that I’m sure you will all enjoy, but it’s his underlying message that gives it its luster.” –Dorrie O’Brien,  editor  

“Dr Bibey is Australia’s favourite American import. Who else combines country doctoring, mandolin picking and writing like he does? What a story, what characters, what a rip-roaring tale, Dr. B.” –Karen Collum, Australian Author   

Folks in Texas find a bluegrass just one beat away in Dr. B. We believe we will understand the mysteries of “The Mandolin Case” and await its release.” – Adam Rekerdres (Rekx) 

Dr Bibey, I loved your story. Sounds like a place I would love to work. Carolyn 

I will miss Indie too. Hope that his passing is not too painful. He deserves to get some rest….  Newt221  

Love to hear you weigh in sometime on how supporting live music is a better investment of a person’s time than veging around the house on weekends –mandogrin  

“We have known Dr. B for years. He is a  good doctor, a serious amateur mandolinist, and a writer. Most of all though, he is a man who cares about his people.” – Darin and Brooke Aldridge, the Bluegrass Sweethearts.  

“Dr. B sure is a pretty good picker for a doctor. We’re all looking forward to his new book, “The Mandolin Case.” -Woody Platt, the Steep Canyon Rangers.”  

“When a man writes like that, there has to be a reason.” –Irene Lehmann  

The visions you put in my mind, dance. A photo would squelch my dreams. -Billy Watson  

I live in a city with almost 2 million other souls… If I ever come to the south I’ll definitely go to a bluegrass festival — Susan Egan 

The medical issues in “The Mandolin Case” are vividly real. Dr. Bibey’s characters remind us that safe medical practice and medical malpractice risk management both require great knowledge, but also honesty, integrity, and wisdom.  -James W. Pichert, PhD, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, risk management expert 

Dr. Tommy Bibey is a sly dog of many talents. “Not much of a writer,” he told me once in a conversation worthy of an Oscar for self-deprecation. “Just a humble mandolin player with aspirations bigger than my talent,” he said to me on another occasion, prior to more than holding his own with a bunch of world-class pickers, pluckers, and strummers. “The Mandolin Case,” Dr. B’s new book is yet another example of this man’s many talents. His fans, and we are many, are in for a real treat. Welcome to his world where bluegrass music comes as naturally as country medicine. ~ Paul M. Howey, editor/The Laurel of Asheville Magazine
A yarn that spins music and medicine spiced with down home Southern cooking and values. You are in for quite a read. Therese Zink, MD, editor of The Country Doctor Revisited: A 21st Century Reader
“Midwestern bluegrassers will recognize their own stories in the doc’s tale.  Around the world, those who listen for the ancient tones, are a family and we know the real thing when we read it.” Carmen Claypool  Summit Grass, Jefferson City MO
“With the right education even a doctor can write fiction.” -Peggy Turner, Mississippi English teacher and graduate of the Bread Loaf School of English. Ms. Turner has led  numerous creative internet exchanges between diverse classrooms to foster authentic writing experiences.

I introduced Dr B to bluegrass music and helped with his medical education.  He hs blended both of these disciplines into a metaphor for his story telling and view of life in general.  My congrats on the publishing of his book.  It will be well received… –Dr. Peter Temple, retired rural eastern N.C. physician and community medicine professor  

Dr. B captures the personality and traditions of Bluegrass in a new millennium setting.  However, this book is not only for lovers of mandolins, but also for readers who love a good mystery. -Mary Weber, Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments 

 “Your description of golf is on target from: the way golfers desire to improve, arrange matches, discuss business, eat lunch at the turn, selfishly try to help others with their game, discuss the types of equipment, describe their golf shots and preferences of ball movement! Thanks for a wonderfully vivid description of golf in the Mandolin Case. As Bones and Martin were playing their match, it seemed that I was on the course with them enjoying their company and conversations.”
Phil Wallace, eastern N.C. P.G.A. teaching professional
I’ve always known Dr. B (Tommy) was a great picker, but turns out he’s a talented writer as well.  I remember fondly our days as medical residents, picking together in an all physician bluegrass group.  With The Mandolin Case he has captured the joy of playing bluegrass music, while also giving insight into the challenges and rewards of practicing medicine.  The pitch perfect regional dialect evokes the spirit of Appalachian bluegrass pickers.  Masterful storytelling, indelible characters, high drama, The Mandolin Case has it all! — Doug Batchelor M.D. Emergency Physician and Mandolinist for Misty River

“I hope the world heals exponentially through your beautiful understanding of the healing power of music.” –Lisa Husted, Grey Fox Festival


8 Comments on ““The Mandolin Case”- Where to Buy the Book, Website Link, and Quotes From Readers”

  1. Timarree Says:

    I just wanted to say what an awesome book! I don’t think I have read a book in 3 years! I finished this in 3 days! It was so good I couldn’t put it down. Thank you Dr. Bibey for writing this book, I can’t wait for the next one! Timarree

    • drtombibey Says:


      Thanks so much. It was done in fiction to protect the bad guys, but they’d better watch out. All of Indie’s bluegrass cronies will lurk in the shadows forever.

      Dr. B

      • igottagonow Says:

        Dr. B-Was astounded to receive a belated Father’s day gift in the form of your book! Read it this weekend and enjoyed immensely. Called Rossie Douglas to get your phone number-he suggested I go to your blog. Immediately evident that you don’t belong just to Harvey County anymore. You have become a worldwide figure will I have dozed. Really enjoyed the book. Your account of mediation process was right on. Plan to re-read to fully appreciate the intricacies of the Navaho and the graphite insturment. Rode the family by Lake Lanier yesterday to escape the heat. Old Scout Camp is still there –do you by any chance remember a sinking war canoe? Sorry.

  2. drtombibey Says:


    Oh yes sir; I remember you and also the sinking war canoe well. That brings back a lot of memories. I might have to post the story on the blog someday.

    Don’t worry brother, I will always be true Harvey County. Rossie Douglas was the best man around to re-hair a fiddle bow. I guess you noticed in the book Indie wouldn’t trust his to anyone else.

    Dr. B

  3. rommel Says:

    I’ll buy the book when I return to U.S.

  4. Don Says:

    If you are a lover or have an interest in true bluegrass music and the power that music can provide as well as the comfort that music can sustain with situations in life as well as a life time. Then this novel is a must read. If you are a member of the healthcare team that tries to provide care and compassion against all the odds. Then this Novel as well is a must read. You will recognize the characters, you will know the town, who knows you will probably even find yourself in someway. Dr B takes us back down that country road before it was a highway. If your young you will have a glimpse of what you had missed, and if your older it leads bring you back. It’s like his book’s cover
    “A Novel About Country Doctors, Honest Lawyers And TRUE MUSIC”

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