All Things Southern

        My blog is the only physician bluegrass fiction one around, and that is what I specialize in, but with this page I’m gonna branch out some. As I run across things southern, I’ll list ’em, be they barbecue joints or magazines, and they will be listed in no particular order. I hope you’ll send in your too. Keep in mind southern refers to a state of mind, not a place. Anything that embraces a sense of community is as southern as Harvey County to me.

“Our State Magazine” I’ll start with this one ’cause they are the home team. “Our State” reviewed “The Mandolin Case” in the Jan, 2011 issue (page 16 if you have any trouble finding it) and they were very kind. For an old country boy to wind up in one of N.C.’s hippest “what’s happening” cultural publications was quite an honor.


2 Comments on “All Things Southern”

  1. Cindy Lou Says:

    Hop-n-John and collard greens on New Years Day! With some good ole cornbread and a glass of milk.

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