A Respiratory Therapist on WordPress has a blog (keepbreathing.wordpress.com) with a well written disclaimer, and it prompted me to write one of my own.

         The R.T. notes it is impossible to give definitive medical advice via a blog and I agree.  I have discussed this in some other posts, but it seemed wise to make the point again.

        It is interesting, though.  My readers have been with me since October, and they all seem to understand this intuitively.  We have discussed medical issues several times, but I get the sense of all them have considered it an educational tool, perhaps to facilitate conversations with their personal physicians.  My agent monitors my blog.  He advises me not to try to dispense medical advice, and I agree.  He has noted several times the blog has attracted a bright group of readers.  I think I’m learning more from them than they are from me and he does too, especially about how to write!

        Still, I think my R.T. colleague makes a valid point, so I reemphasize it here today.  Heck, ya’ll seem to understand anyway, but the new readers might want to get up to speed.

Dr. B


5 Comments on “Disclaimer”

  1. danny fulks Says:

    Doc, I enjoy your blogs and, not only that, some of your writing. I’ve noticed by doc here in Huntington spends a lot of time looking into a small computer device, goes hmmmmmmmmmm, as if her were listening to something through a stethoscope. Then we talk a bit, he asks me to have records sent from another doctor which is a day’s work in itself and even then they may not be sent. My writing is influenced by bluegrass and country songs in the sense that a songwriter would never use a words and phrases like existential, apperceptive mass, cognitive dissonance, rationale…….Danny Fulks

  2. danny fulks Says:

    Her is a great doctor, however.

  3. drtombibey Says:

    Dr. Fulks,

    Man I am honored and humbled to have you read my blog. I am gonna have to do a post on you soon.

    Dr. B

  4. PiedType Says:

    I wouldn’t dream of asking you for a medical opinion. As a doctor’s kid and former medical editor, I already have far too opinions of my own!

  5. drtombibey Says:


    Lordy, I knew we were kindred spirits!

    Dr. B

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