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Darin and Brooke

July 29, 2011

        Darin and Brooke Aldridge have a CD release party Saturday July 30th 8:00at 8:00 at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds.  love this record. So does Tom T. Hall. He wrote two songs for it and also sang on one cut.

           I hope y’ll will come out and hear these kids. If you long for country music with message,  melody, and true family values they are what you are looking for.  

Dr. B


Grandpa’s Mandolin Coloring Book

July 24, 2011

I have another project I hope to release in the next 6 months or so. (It still has a lot of work to be done though) I call it a coloring book for children of all ages. By working thru the book, a child (or adult) can learn to play basic mandolin. Kristin Scott Benson read through an early prototype and thought it was a very cool item and even more from the perspective of a mother than a professional musician.

             The idea came to me after the announcement we were going to be granparents as I lay awake at night dreaming up a way to teach the child how to play. The book is designed to be an interactive adventure between an adult (parent or granparent) and  a child. The reason I think it will work is I tried it out and it works for me and I’m nothing but a large child.

        It is a ways off from print yet but I’ll keep you posted.

Dr. B

Dr. B      

A comment from 4 minute writer I couln’t get to post and pasted in: How do you come up with all of these original ways to combine ideas? Nice! I agree- you’re never too old for a colouring book. It always bugs me when restaurants give those colouring placemats just to kids. They look at ya funny when you ask for one for yourself…
Hoping you’re in good health.

How do you come up with all of these original ways to combine ideas? Nice! I agree- you’re never too old for a colouring book. It always bugs me when restaurants give those colouring placemats just to kids. They look at ya funny when you ask for one for yourself… Hoping you’re in good health.

Soon to be a Book: “Acquisition Syndrome”

July 17, 2011

        My draft of “Acquisition Syndrome” is now on the way to my agent via Fed Ex. There are still many steps before it makes it print. (Agent, publisher, graphic artists, page layout and design, revision suggestions by my editor Dorrie O’Brien,  proof copy tests readers, line editors etc etc. To be ready by Christmas is optimistic, but maybe we’ll be lucky. AFter the first of the year is more realistic.

        You will not be surprised that some of this book is a light-hearted romp through the world of some bluegrass picking doctors. Those of you who know me well will also not be surprised the book also has some serious undertones.

        The subtitle is “From Healing Art to Business.” You may have noticed the trend in recent years medicine has become too business oriented and not as patient centered, at least not enough to suit me. The book explores this unfortunate trend and the human factors of greed and exploitation that underly it. I assure you the story will not please big business or big insurance whatso ever, so when they come looking for me, just say, “Dr. B? Oh he’s just some crazy bluegrass picker down in North Carolina, Harvey County I believe. Trust me, they are gonna be some kind of unhappy, so please, if it ain’t one of our kind, don’t point me out to ’em at a festival. I think regular folks like us will enjoy the book, though.

        You can count on this: The story will take you deep inside the world of modern medicine to places you did not know existed and will expose traps I hope you avoid in your travels. The story is fiction but it is true fiction. As I’ve always said, fiction should show the truth but tell no facts. I worked on this book very hard even the summer I was sick, and I hope I did that. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as “The Mandolin Case.” With the support of the bluegrass community ‘the Mandolin Case” made it all the way to #1 on the Amazon Country  Book list last summer. I recall the one publisher who said bluegrass people wouldn’t read. Now they have shown interest in “acquisition Syndrome.” I told my agent I wasn’t trying to be mean but sorry, I dance with who brung me. If that guy didn’t have faith in us before he’ll have to wait in line a little while. And  like Dr. Bones Robertson in “Acquisition Syndrome” I’m a nice fellow, but can have a tenacious side if someone disses my people.

        Will keep you posted on developments.

dr. B

DR Strings: My New Sponsor

July 10, 2011

        DR Strings is the newest sponsor of the Tommy Bibey Mandolin Case tour and I am very proud to be associated with them.

        Like every company I am associated with I go back with DR string a ways. Years ago they had a booth at MerleFest and had their strings on special for five bucks. I picked up a few packs and re-strung my Weber signed F5 mandolin. (Because I am now sponsored by Weber I choose not to mention the name on the headstock but that is another story) I tuned it up and hit a few bars. Nice. I was struck by how “slick” and “smooth” these strings were. I remember asking the next year how they did that, and I can’t recall except to say I believe they are hand wound. As I get more information from them I will let you know, but the proof is in the pudding. If you see me at a book show, give me a holler and I’ll let you play my mandolin and let you see for yourself; these are excellent stings.

        Also I’d like to thank my case sponsor, Cedar Creek Custom Cases, for recommending me to DR. If I live until next year at MerleFext (and I think I will) I’ll be at their booth again. Usually DR is set up just a few doors down, so I am certain I’ll wander over there to demonstrate these fine strings and let you try them out.

        DR strings; Dr. B recommended. It is a nice fit isn’t it? Whether studying for Boards or choosing a mandolin string I am always happy to be associated with the best.   

Dr. B

Outside in The Empathy Factor

July 3, 2011

        In the early days after my diagnosis as I cruised around on the Internet and ran across an article about some fellow with a brain tumor.

       I began to read. Hm. Seemed like a nice enough fellow; had a wife and a couple of kids. Dang I hate that. I felt sorry for him.

        I read on. Hey, it was a Doc. For Heaven’s sake.

        All of a sudden I realized I was reading about me!

        I wanted to say, “Hey y’all, don’t worry too much. The cat ain’t suffering. He’s gonna be OK; it’s just gonna take a little time.

        Man I felt kinda silly when I did that.

        Oh well.

Dr. B