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Dealing With Cancer

November 30, 2011

        With a bad illness like this, you are forced to redefine yourself. I did my best to be the best doctor I could be. I think I am going to live, but I am concerned that residual impairments may preclude my ability to be that again. I am thankful my cognition is unaffected and my ability to play music is intact. I wasn’t a pro mandolinist before this hit me)

        In the end maybe I’ll play my mandolin at the rest homes and volunteer. No matter what I won’t give up on my people.

        All these thoughts led to a saying:

        “Maybe I won’t be what I used to be but I’ll be the best me I can be, whatever that is.”

        Y’all have a blessed holiday.

Dr. B


Quote for the Day

May 5, 2011

        I can’t remember where I heard this one, but I like it. It was in reference to music, but it applies to writing, medicine, golf, and most likely many other disciplines.

       “The amateur practices until they can play it right; the professional practices until they can’t play it wrong.”

        I know this: every great musician I know has practiced a whole lot more than I have.

        I won’t give myself credit for too much, but I will for this fact: I am a persistent rascal. There were always smarter and more talented people around, but I worked as hard to be good doctor when I was a young man as anyone I know. At the suggestion of my sweet wife I slowed down a little as I got older so I wouldn’t die young.

        I’ve often said when I get to the Pearly Gates St. Peter will ask, “Son, did you do your best with the talents He gave you?”  

       I’ll reply, “Oh yes Sir, I sure did. Yes, Sir,” and then start to rush on in.

       St. Peter will say, “Just a minute, son. I have few more questions.”

        And I’ll say, “Yes sir, I’m sorry for any and all mistakes I made and I have faith I am forgiven.”

        Then he’ll say, “You may come on in now.”

Dr. B

So Much For So Many By So Few – Quote of the Day

March 8, 2011

        I believe this was from Winston Churchill in WWII when the R.A.F. (Royal AirForce) held back the onslaught of the Germans.

        (paraphrased) “Never has so much been done for so many by so few with so little.”

        Although not to same heroic level, the same concept applies to a small band of primary care providers; doctors, extenders, nurses, and allied professionals. I’m not in education, but I bet they have similar issues. All kinda high paid consultants pontificate but don’t teach worry ’em to death.

        They remind me of the critics of the world; some guy who fancies himself as a music or golf expert but doesn’t play.

        I’d go on, but I’ll save it for ‘Acquistion Syndrome.” Gotta go to work.

        See ya,

Dr. B



Quote For The Day

February 23, 2011

        I think this came from the Army Corp of Engineers. Sometimes it applies to the doctor gig.

        “The difficult we can do immediately; the impossible will take a day or two.”

        I’m off today. The quote applies to golf too, but there it makes no difference. I’ve never understood guys who curse and throw clubs. To me it’s just a walk in the park. When I have folks dying of cancer, I can’t take the game seriously.

        With a grandchild on the way I hope to teach ’em a little golf, but I don’t want them to be too worked up over it.

Dr. B