Doyle Dykes- Go See The Best

        Doyle Dykes will play at Central United Methodist Church in Shelby, N.C. this Friday night, March 12, 2010. He might well be the best country finger-style guitarist in the world.  (For my friends in Australia I concede Tommy Emmanuel is tough too.  Both do things with a guitar I can’t understand.)  Usually Doyle’s lovely little daughter Haley is with him.  She is a fine mandolin player and singer.

        Darin and Brooke Aldridge are opening for them. Old Doc might just be so moved to get up and do one or two with them. You know how good they are from previous posts.

        There is a five dollar donation to cover expenses. Trust me, it’s a bargain. These are world-class players. I’m just proud to know them. 

        I have along standing policy that has served me well.  If anyone shows up around these parts and it’s within a reasonable driving distance, and they are the best in the world at what they do, I never sit at home and watch television; I go. I don’t care if it is a ballerina or pool shark. By virtue of this  personal policy I had seen brass bands and symphonies, and barber shop quartets and ventriloquists.  Some years back me and some buddies hit golf balls with Wedgy Winchester who was the long drive champion at the world at the time.

        So even if you nothing about this music- go. I ain’t a ballerina but it doesn’t stop me from appreciating what they do. I’d call and see if tickets are still available before you make the drive. They are available at Shelby Music Center. The number is 704 487 7404.  Tell ’em Tommy Bibey is going to drop in Friday. The folks there are music people and they know me. I go by the shop every time I am in town.

Dr. B

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