The Old Home Place- Report From Bluegrass First Class

       No one sings ‘The Old Home Place’ better than Rodney Dillard.  You remember him as one of the Darling Boys from the Andy Griffith show.  This year is the show’s 50th consecutive year on television.

        Bluegrass is one big family reunion.   We have old folks who have played as long as I can remember, and cute gifted young children like the Synders who have already made the big stage.  I jammed with ‘Yankee’ fiddlers who write Civil War ballads, and people from the South who play ‘Welcome to New York.’  By two AM most of the old folks are sitting down.  A kid in a powder blue suit and ten gallon cowboy hat still stands and wears out a flat-pick guitar.  One of the old timers looks over at me.  “Ain’t these kids great. Doc?”

        Wayne’s mandolin was text-book, and Darin and Brooke are in today.  I’m running off high-test coffee and great memories.  There is no time to write.  My nuclear family and my extended bluegrass family are all here.  (Except my daughter had to work.) One little buddy got snowed in, but sent us all a picture of his first snowman on FaceBook.

       We are one big family.  If you read my blog and don’t know bluegrass, I hope at least once in your life you will come out and join us.  I hate for any of my friends to miss out on what we have.

        Gotta go, someone needs a mandolin picker.

Dr. B

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2 Comments on “The Old Home Place- Report From Bluegrass First Class”

  1. Mark Harvell Says:

    Hey Doc,
    As always it was a joy to see and to pick with you at Bluegrass First Class. Remember, “OK, let’s pick just one more.”

    Mark, banjo dude with Cane Creek Bluegrass Band

  2. drtombibey Says:


    So good to hear from you. The folks who do not understand the bluegrass extended family have missed one of life’s true blessings. I am forever thankful it has been a big part of my life.

    Pick one more for me today brother. I’m back to hangnails and heart attacks but the music keeps me sane and allows me to continue on.

    Dr. B

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