Only You

        I’m sure y’all remember the old Platters number, ‘Only You.’  I study mandolin under Wayne Benson.  Our current lesson involves improvisation over the harmonized scales.  It is a powerful tool.  When a man can show you how to improv ‘Only You’ in the key of Eb, he is deep into the mando gig.

       One time I took a friend to a III Tyme Out concert.  He had protested for a while.  “Doc,” he said. “I just don’t care for bluegrass.”  He heard me play a few times, then changed his mind and agreed to go.

      For a while he watched in fascinated silence.  “Hey, they’re good,” he said.  When they did their acapella version of ‘Only You’ he broke into a smile and began to sing along.  He had a pretty fair voice, too.  When the band finished he stood up and clapped loudly, then sat back down, leaned over and said, “Doc, I used to sing that one to my wife when we were dating.  I thought you said they were bluegrass.”

       “They are, Jim, but really they are music.”

      “I believe you now.” 

        Like my agent says, it is always better to show than tell.

        I’m gonna send this post out to the only two women in my life, my wife and daughter.  Come to think of it I guess I should send it out to Mom too.  I wouldn’t be here without her, and she’s also beyond important to me.  My boy is special too, but I’ll have to write him a different version.  Maybe, “Only you …….. out-drive me forty yards ……only you ….can hit a ball that far…

        Talk to y’all again soon.  I hope you have a good week.

Dr. B

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4 Comments on “Only You”

  1. Billy Says:

    Pulled it up on YouTube and you are right — pure music.

  2. drtombibey Says:


    III Tyme Out has been voted as IBMA vocal group of the year a number of times. Russell Moore can sing any style, and is a long time favorite for me.

    Dr. B

  3. Every time I hear it it’s a pleasure.

  4. drtombibey Says:


    Hey there; appreciate your visit. I agree. It is a tune that holds up to repeated listens, even over years.

    Dr. B

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