What’s For Supper, Grandpa?

        I used to love the old Grandpa Jones routine on T.V. about what’s for supper.  I guess it’s because it is just like that here in the County.

        When I first came home, the first meal I had other than going by mama’s for some beef stew was down at the County Line Cafe.  Didn’t even look at the menu, and ordered a quarter fried chicken with hominy and apple sauce, a bowl of crowder peas, and a small side salad with French dressing.

        Greek stuck his head out from the kitchen and said, “Son of a gun, Tommy Bibey’s back in town.  Send that boy some extra biscuits.”

        Sure enough he knew it was me, and had it been Sunday after church, it would have been the Delmonico steak with fries, and Greek woulda still been right, ’cause he knew that was my Sunday regular.

          He came out to visit.  “Pap’s over in the Nursing Home, Tommy, and Dr. Robin is fixing to retire.  Can you study under him for a while and take over?”

        “Sure nuff, Greek.  You know I’d be honored to.”  I was off and running.  I was doing good- I’d only been home four days and I already had five patients- two new ones at the County Line that very day.  All of ’em but one are still living to this day.

        One of them told me, “I hope you last a while boy, my last two doctors died on me.”

        “Me, too, George.  I’ll do my best.”  So far me and George are still kicking along, and I hope it stays that way a while.  I’d hate to disappoint him.

        “Hey, Greek, how ’bout some of that blackberry cobbler and …..”

 Dr. B

        Hey, with the holiday just around the corner, I can’t wait to tell you about Christmas in the County; maybe I can by this weekend.

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2 Comments on “What’s For Supper, Grandpa?”

  1. Ted Lehmann Says:

    I thought I was pretty good on regional delicacies, but what are “crowder peas?” I’ve come to treasure greens boiled till they and their accompanying slab of bacon just sort of slide down the gullet. I still treasure the argument I had with a waitress in Savannah. I told her I thought grits would be better if they were made with milk and served with butter and maple syrup. She told me what I really wanted was cream of wheat. One for the local side. But what are “crowder peas?” – Ted

  2. drtombibey Says:

    I never thought about it till you asked, and just “knowed ’em when I seed ’em” as they say. I think they are a cousin to the blackeyed pea, very close to the same color, but a little more round, and without the black eye. When they are cooked right, it seems they aren’t quite as mushy as the B.E.P. I like both, but the crowders are my favorite. Even in the South, you don’t always find them in resturants.

    -Dr. B

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