“The Mandolin Case” Contest

        The publisher of “The Mandolin Case” just started a You-tube video clip contest. The details and contest rules are on the official Mandolin Case FaceBook Page.  

         Of course, I realize they hope to promo my book, but at the same time one of my dreams was that the book might draw new folks to our genre, as I believe bluegrass music is the last great relatively undiscovered American art form. Nothing would tickle me more than for some as of yet not well-known band to go viral.

        You don’t have to be seasoned musician to give it a try. If a small child played “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and said their parents started them on the mandolin after they read the book, that will thrill me even more than if an established band got some more well-deserved publicity. 

        Keep in mind much of the Internet world is still somewhat new to the genre, and you will want to appeal to them as well as people like me who have been around this music all their life.  

        Good luck and have fun. If a North or South Carolina crowd wins, me and Marfar might just join you for a plate of barbecue.

Dr. B

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2 Comments on ““The Mandolin Case” Contest”

  1. Oh, I’ll go check this out! Then again, I know absolutely nothing about making/editing videos… Still, I’m just glad to see that your publishers are keeping interest in your book alive and kicking ^_^.

    • drtombibey Says:


      Heck if you just strummed three chords and said “If that old Doc can write a book so can I” that’d be cool enough to me.

      I like to think my book inspires young people to pursue art. I know this; we’re having fun, and me and Marfar are gonna take you to lunch somewhere someday.

      Dr. B

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