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Where to Find My old Recordings

June 6, 2011

        I am what I seem; a country doc who played in a lot of semi-pro bands over the years. Much of it was Neuse River for local BBQ church suppers and fundraisers. But I also had a secret life a while back I’m gonna tell you about. I played with several very high level regional bands. We recorded several CDs and saw good reviews in BU and other reputable trade magazines. I also thought I was the weak sister as far as talent, but I found my place. After all, how many bands can claim an on-staff doctor who can take care of you if you are sick, write you a doctor’s note to be out, fill in on either mandolin or guitar, sing the baritone, play the gig, and donate your cut for the gig as your sick pay?

         It will take a little time, but my old pal Moose Dooley plans to organize, archive ,and catelogue all those CDs and offer them for sale to the public. In keeping with my long-term plan to separate my doctor and art life as much as practical, all these CDs were played under a stage name, but no fear, you will know it is really me. I give you my word.

        When people buy a CD I like for them to know where the money goes. In keeping with my long-standing belief that money needs to go to the artists, not the biz people, Moose has assured me all the profit will go to the artists on the CDs. (There will be some expenses to get the project going, as some of the recordings are out of print. I was one of the artists, so I will see about 20% of the profit. In roughly equal parts, I plan to do the following with my share. I’m gonna buy my sweet wife some tokens to thank her for all her care. If I live, (and I think I will, a big part of the credit is to her. We have great health insurance, and few needs, but I might use some for a few incidentals that aren’t covered, such as an extra cane or another pair of balance shoes. The rest I’m gonna send to MACC. These kids need it a lot more than I do.

        Look for a link on the right side of my weblog page titled “Where to Purchase my old CDs” It may be several weeks, but I will keep you posted. It will have contact info for Moose Dooley Enterprises once he gets the operation up and running.

         And before too long look for some Moose Dooley stories too. I know a lot about him from his rasslin’ days.

Talk to ya soon.

Dr. B