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Saved by The Bell

September 19, 2008

        I don’t know what to make of all this Wall Street business.  Billions of dollars changing in hands in massive rich person buy-outs.  It is beyond me.  I’m like mrschili- I don’t understand any of it.

        Somehow I take a bit of heart, though.  I figure the powers that be are worried and gonna take action.  They have to make gas affordable enough for us all to get to work and our hard earned income safe enough in the bank for all us little guys.  If we don’t do that, how they can remain mega wealthy?

        Well, like I said before I never understood money anyway, and I have no control of any of that.  I feel sorry for the ones who have spent their life bullying people to get there.  If a man don’t find love or play any music it’d be a poor life in spite of financial wealth.  I wouldn’t trade places for any amount of money.  And I ain’t rationalizing there- for me that’s just the way it is.

        I figure they’ll find a way to save us at the bell.  If we don’t go to work every day, how in the world are they gonna get rich telling us what to do?

Dr. B