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Why I Love the Music

January 23, 2010

        When I see a young man in his Sunday best sing harmony with a beautiful young woman whose eyes sparkle as she shakes the rafters and sings out her soul, when I hear complex chords underpin simple truth, when funny dobro men tell country stories and serious banjo pickers play to perfection, and when an almost baby-faced young’un bows sweet fiddle tunes, I know why I love this music.

        In my work, I see a lot of bad things. Some of it is near unspeakable.  Once the music starts the people who play it allow me to forget all that at least for a little while.  There it is all beauty and truth and peace.  I pray for the heard-hearted who do not find even a few stolen moments of tranquility in this otherwise troubled world.

        Between the Good Lord and the music I can see another day through.

Dr. B

See pictures of the show at  I can’t find the right words today to say it all today, but I will over time.