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Wall Street Bluegrass

June 12, 2010

        I know a fellow in Charlotte who is a financial guru, a flat wizard about money even in these hard times. I was always a doctor and a music guy, and to be honest he talks a lingo I am not very familiar with.

        But, he knows of my love of the music, and has even gotten interested enough through my writing to attend some events. That thrills me. I always hoped my efforts would bring in some new people.

        One day my friend was reading the “Wall Street Journal” (I am more inclined to “The New England Journal of Medicine” or “Bluegrass Unlimited”) and saw an article by Barry Mazor.

        He called. “Hey, Doc. Do you know any of these people?”

        I pulled up the link on my computer. “Know ’em? Lord have mercy friend, that’s the Grascals. The kid on the right is my little buddy Kristin Scott Benson. She looks like the girl next door, but she’s a seasoned pro; a two-time IBMA banjo champ.”


          “Yep. She’s married to my mando brother Wayne Benson. Man, he’s a mandolin genius. I’ve studied under him a couple of years now and I haven’t scratched the surface of what that cat knows. Pure genius.” 

        “Doc, you’re right. You bluegrass people are thick as thieves.”

        “Don’t spread it too far, but we think we might have descended from the horse traders.”

        He laughed. “So, are these Grascals pretty good?”

        “They got their start when Dolly Parton chose them as her back-up band a few years back.”

        “Well, I’ll be.”

        “Check ’em out sometime.”

        “And where can I see them?”

       “Let me send you their links. The Grascals will be at Red White and Blue on July 2, 2010, and III Tyme Out will be there on the 4th.”

        “You’ll be there too?”

        “Wouldn’t miss it.”

       “Hm. I might just come.”

        “You won’t regret it. Make sure to get some of Harold’s homemade ice cream. Tell ’em Dr. B sent you.”

        “Sounds good. Thanks for the tip.”

        Here they are:

        The Grascals:

        Russell Moore and III Tyme Out:

        By the way, here’s the quote Kristin sent after she read a draft of “The Mandolin Case.”

        “Dr. Bibey honors the truth and simplicity of rural southern life and traditional music.  Finally, an author resists the hackneyed stereotype to accurately portray the integrity of bluegrass music and the people that love it.”  -Kristin Scott Benson, member of Grascals, IBMA Banjo Player of Year 2008 and 2009  (And she wrote this before Wall Street ever discovered her)

        And here is the link to Barry Mazor’s article. Who said bluegrass people weren’t sophisticated? It ain’t just country doctors any more. Now it’s the “Wall Street Journal” for heaven’s sake. Y’all check it out.


Dr. B