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Here’s To Marfar (Valentine’s Day)

February 15, 2010

        Now, before my readers get confused, I want you to know I didn’t forget Valentines Day.  We got back from the festival mid-day Sunday and had a quiet day at home.  I never would have made it as a touring musician.  I was a little short on talent in the monitors, but even more important, a short week-end is a long time away from home.  (We’re gonna stretch that out a little for a while when the book comes out)  As the song says, home is where the heart is, and mine is right here.

        I thought about our Valentine’s Day weekend.  For an overgrown bluegrass boy if your wife’s idea of a romantic get-away is a weekend at a bluegrass festival to listen to the pros play by day, Valentine’s dinner with your kids at the Japanese steakhouse, and then pick and sing half the night, and her only special treatment is the first cup of coffee brought to her before she gets out of bed the next morning; well, that’s a good woman right there. 

        If your wife gives you two beautiful children and a Gibson mandolin, and can play the bass and sing a good tenor line, I recommend you hold her close.

        As one old boy said, “Doc, is this your wife?”

        “Yes, sir.”

        “Son, you sure out-punted your coverage.”

        I did and I ain’t too proud to say so.  Here’s to Marfar; Happy Valentines Day! (It was yesterday wasn’t it?)

Dr. B