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The Real People

October 30, 2009


        I had lots of favorite moments at our open house, but this one might be the best of all.

        As you can imagine we had folks who came from all walks of life. There were a few movers and shakers who came out of curiosity, but for the most part it was rank and file everyday folks.  There was the UPS guy, several country preachers, maintenance men, kitchen workers, the barber, teachers, a couple mechanics, docs and nurses, and a number of golfers.  I’m sure you are not surprised a bunch of bluegrass pickers were there.

        They came for different reasons.  I knew almost all of them. Most came to say, “Thanks, Doc.”  Some came for the music and a few came because there was free food.  That’s okay.  I figured it was a special day and they sure needed it more than I did.  I didn’t eat ’cause I was afraid we might run out.  (We did)

        When they got ready to have the ribbon cutting ceremony, there was a dignitary there to kick it off.  He asked for all the elected officials in the crowd to raise their hands.  He was a bit embarrassed to realize there wasn’t a single one.

        One of my patients said, “Hey Doc, not one politician?”

        “I guess we forgot to invite them.”

        “I take it you only invited the important people.”

        “Dang right.  This is my kind of party.”

        I am sad to say modern medicine is often about a lot of things these days besides the patient.  For some it is power, some money, others it is ego or control, and sometimes just pure arrogance.  As my friend said, “When I got into health care, I thought we were gonna talk about germs.  All we talk about is money.” 

        Maybe it was only for a day, but at least for one day and one day only it was about the patient and nothing else. 

        I noticed our competition in town came by.  They were most generous.  I didn’t get to speak to them but they said it was good for Harvey County.  I am sure they got the message.  There have not been many times in my life I’ve seen everyone sit up and take notice af what counts but for once it happened. Other than a few medical out-and-out saves I’ve pulled out of the hat over the years, it was my favorite day in the doctor business, ’cause we honored all the real people.

Dr. B