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The Green Mile

November 10, 2010

        I read Stephen King’s “The Green Mile” the other day. I saw the movie some time back.

       From the perspective of writer, King has the craft down. The guy holds your attention right from the start.

       As a reader, I like books that make me think. This one does so. I am again struck by how dang hard it is to do right in modern society.

        Maybe it has always been that way. I recall one time a case where I felt like someone’s persecution was for political reasons. I remarked to a musician friend, “I can’t believe they are treating him like that. I think the man is trying to do the right thing.”

        He replied, “I don’t know, Doc. They did it to Jesus didn’t they?”

        This guy didn’t have as much book education as I do, but I view him as much wiser. He was right. The truth is simple; the disingenuous have made it complicated.

        But as my agent always said, “when you write try to search for what has always been true and does not change.” It likely has always been this way; we are just bad not to learn from history, and we keep making the same mistakes over and over.  

        In the case of “The Green Mile” I found some parties were in a spot where they were well-meaning and sensitive, and they cared, but because they were involved with this crazy human race just couldn’t figure out a way to make it right. I guess that is the long green mile we all walk, and all we can do is our best.

Dr. B