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ALVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The Chipmunk Christmas Song or “Christmas Don’t Be Late”)

December 11, 2011

        Back when my boy was in grade school, they did the Chipmunk song (“Christmas Don’t Be Late”) in the choir’s Christmas recital. There he was in the little Alvin outfit complete with the letter sweater with the “A” on the front and the novelty thick black rimmed glasses. They all swayed with the music in perfect time. You know the song. “Christmas, Christmas time is near….”

        My son was like me; he got the “part singer” gene but not so much the lead. But then right on cue he broke into his line “Me I want a hoo-lee-hoop!!” It was loud, clear, on perfect pitch and such a dead ringer imitation of Alvin’s voice I stood up and yelled Alvin!!!!! He broke into a broad grin.

        I told him later that it was perfect and also of the bluegrass way. If a fellow doesn’t have a natural lead voice if he’ll take on the novelty or comedy numbers he can still have a role in the band. (That’s how I learned “I’m My Own Grandpa.” My son still plays and sings and it has all been a lot of fun through the years.

        Y’all have a blessed Christmas.  ALVIN!!!!!!!

Dr. B