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Bluegrass Disneyland in the Tobacco Triangle (How I Spent My Spring Break)

March 20, 2011

        It’s back to work Monday AM, but I’m recharged afer Spring Break. And no, we didn’t spend it at Daytona; for us it was “Bluegrass Disneyland” in the Tobacco Triangle. I guess a Doc who has spent a lifetime with books and music can’t change now.

       This gig got started because I wanted to go to a medical conference in Chapel Hill. I took in every lecture. As we say in bluegrass, the CD didn’t have a weak cut on it. So many talks these days seem tainted by modern influences of money, ego, or arrogance, but this was like a timeless book; a pure search for the medical truth as best we imperfect humans can interpret it. It was knowledge and teaching combined with social consciousness. And for a boy who grew up on grits and gravy, the Friday Center daily country cosmopolitan cuisine rocked. Five stars.

        Some time back, I met a U.N.C professor named William R. Ferris, who wrote the book “Give My Poor Heart Ease,” a story of the blues in Mississippi and beyond. He recommended I get up with Tommy Edwards the next time I was in Chapel Hill.

        “Of The Bluegrass Experience?” I asked.

        “That’s the one.”

        Well folks, if you want to take in Bluegrass Disneyland of the Tobacco Triangle, I recommend you hitch a ride on Tommy’s wagon. Your tour will take in places like The Q Shack, The Blue Note Grill, and The Pittsboro General Store. You’ll meet all kinds of fine pickers and true bluegrass folks. Tommy, along with guys like Snuffy and Leroy Savage, have kept the music going for almost a half century. If your travels take you to Chapel Hill, please don’t sit in a motel room and watch T.V re-runs, get out and see these guys play. They are real.

        Well, back to work. My posts may tend to run a bit shorter for a while. I’m head over heels into my second novel, “Acquisition Syndrome,” and I’m also at work on a children’s mandolin intro book I’ve dreamed up. I’ll keep you posted on these as they develop.

        And, I’m glad to go back to my patients too. In my prayers the Good Lord tells me it is fine to dabble in the arts so I can stay in the doc gig, but also to never forget my only real skill was to fill in all those little bubbles on computerized tests. If I was gonna be granted that gift and a subsequent lifetime of not working for a living, I’d better use it to help some people. I hope I have done some of that along the way. I sure did try, and I’m headed back to go at it again.      

       There is much more to tell you, and I will try to get to it all over the next few weeks. Talk to you soon.

Dr. B