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Song of the Day on FaceBook

November 28, 2009

        It wasn’t all that long ago when my agent suggested I start a FaceBook page.  I recall I asked, “What is that?”

        It turned out to be much fun and a great way to network.  When I finally get my book ready to go, most of my travel plans have been generated by my WordPress friends, but FaceBook has added a significant number of destinations to my road map.

        I know folks say you can waste a lot of time on it, but it has saved time for me.  About all I post on Facebook is a ‘Song of the Day’ first thing in the morning, and then it is off to work.  Just like WordPress, I have learned much from my readers there too.  In the long run I think it has saved time because I have been able to find all the music folks and have a way to contact them.  In Harvey County back in the pre-computer era we were somewhat isolated and had no way to do this, especially in such short period of time.

        If y’all aren’t on FaceBook, give it some thought.  I’ve got 1000+ friends over there, and it is a good group.  (I found MySpace a little scary)  If nothing else you’ll learn a lot about traditional music, as mine is populated with a number of folks who make their living in that industry.

        I’ll be back for my Monday morning post, for now gonna take in some more holiday with the young’uns.

Dr. B