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Music Therapy -Somewhere Over the Rainbow

February 27, 2010

        By mid-morning I had given a tearful family a bad diagnosis and delivered the news with as much compassion as I could.  I’d fought with two insurance companies to approve therapy that had already helped my patients.  A team of high dollar lawyers was determined to deny benefits to some poor guy who was hurt on the job.  I gave them my usual line.  “The truth is a powerful ally.  I suggest you book a day at the Courthouse here and convince a jury I’m not telling the truth.”  So far, no takers.  

        It was all so unfair I had to stop for some music therapy.  The office ground to a halt.  Everyone waited. I chose ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’  I played it for a little friend who was scared of those flying monkeys.  I’m only one old gray-haired country doc, but at least today the child was reassured.  I wanted to let her know we can overcome fear.  Poor Judy Garland was so sensitive. Even as a child she knew there had to be something better.  Follow the Yellow Brick Road; maybe there are still some Wizards out there.

         I dedicate this song and today’s post to all my music friends.  They are my music therapists. When they play on my office IPOD I can see my way to get by one more hypocritical insurance company or executive type who views a patient as part of their private market share kingdom.  

        My patients come to me not because I am the world’s best doctor, but because I view them as fellow human beings and not pawns in a grand commercial scheme.  With the help of the Good Lord and my chosen stress reliever of music therapy no one can stop me.

Dr. B