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Souled Out and Where You Can Get A Copy

August 10, 2010

        “Souled Out.” John Cowan had an LP out by this title several years ago. It had tracks like “Soul Man” and “Mustang Sally.” (My wife loved that one)

       “The Mandolin Case” is temporarily sold out. This is only a minor disruption, though. They had to do some kinda formatting thing to get ready for Kindle and IPad, we had some new quotes I found important enough for the final version to warrant a temporary disruption. Also, the first two editions had a few typos I wanted to change.

        As happened last time, when the book went out of stock speculation drove up the price of some copies someone bought up ahead of time. They are going for 93.86 on Amazon right now. However, if history repeats itself, this will again drop back again as soon as we are back in print.

            You don’t have to get one from the speculators though. We are temporarily sold out on Amazon, but I have about twenty copies around the house to take to my gigs. Also, Lisa Husted at Grey Fox has a few left. You can contact them at  or call 888-946-8495. You can get one there while we get re-tooled, and it is even signed!

        One thing you can count on though. Even though I’m sold out for  a moment, I’ll never sell out. Not only will the presses roll again, but even more important, I’ll do my best to write the truth the best I know how to do, and if I get it wrong I’ll ask for forgiveness and go on. My mission is to show the truth in medicine is in the music, and I’m gonna go on till the end. (Stubborn boy, huh?) 

         I ain’t got as much soul as Johnny C, but we all gotta do our best, and I do promise you that.

Dr. B