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Shawshank- Hope and Redemption

February 17, 2011

        Shawshank is all about hope. Never give that up.

        You remember when the kid came to prison and Andy befriended him? After a while the kid realized Andy sure enough was innocent. He’d heard the truth about Andy’s wife’s murder from an inmate in another prison.

        Andy Dufresne only made one tactical error in prison. He shared his new knowledge with the warden before he’d laid the proper groundwork to protect himself, and his friend. The boy lost his life over it. I knew he was a dead man the first time I saw him step out in that night air.

        Andy learned from the experience. I expect then he realized if he was gonna ever see freedom again, he would have to be very meticulous with his plans. 

        Y’all, I’m what I seem, a decent but not perfect man. I find Andy’s situation parallel to some aspects of the doctor life. Every so often you have to deal with people of bad intentions. Force is usually not the factor that prevails over them, either. Some of these dynamics are shown in “The Mandolin Case.” More will follow in “Acquisition Syndrome.”  

       Think like a matador. He knows that bull is stronger than him, so he has to out-think him. He is lucky; bulls have small brains. In my book  “Acquisition Syndrome” you will see Bones stand in front of a metaphorical wall, wave the cape and say, “Now don’t go through there. ”

         When Riley Harper crashes and complains, Bones just shrugs his shoulders.

        “Why’d ya go and do that?” Harper asked.

        “I dunno.”

        Andy also realized his even bigger error, though. He loved his wife, but didn’t show her. As he pointed out, even though he didn’t pull the trigger it cost her life too.

        So my message for the day is from Indie’s ‘Uncle Billy.’ “Trust few, confide to less, do wrong to none.” Learn how to hold your cards close, but at the same time, find the people you trust and hold them even closer; give them your heart.

         I was lucky. I have a wife who understood all that in me and stayed loyal the whole way. When I was young I almost thought if I read enough books and cared enough none of my patients would ever die. She pointed out the obvious truth; we’d better have some fun along the  way too.

        She’s a very smart girl; she even figured me out, and I love her for it.

Dr. B