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‘The River of Jordan’ and Redemption

January 3, 2010

        Indie loved the river, and the song ‘River of Jordan.’  He never claimed to be perfect (he always said he was a half-a^^ Episcopalian) but he was very soulful.  He used to say “the River will cure what ails you.”

        Indie believed in redemption.  He knew how to forgive.  At times I saw people do their best to do him wrong.  I think I might have been resentful, but Indie’d just shake it off.  “He can’t help it boy, his mama didn’t love him,” he’d say.

       ‘River of Jordan’  is my ‘Song of the Day’ today on FaceBook.  If y’all haven’t joined me over there, I hope you will consider it.  I’m not a very active FaceBooker in that I don’t play any of the games like Mafia Wars or Farmville.  I have nothing against the folks who do, but the doc gig takes up a big chunk of my day and I need the extra thirty minutes to play my mandolin and an hour or so to write. 

         I do enjoy my Song of the Day post, though, and it has allowed me to find many people of like mind.  Most of the songs are bluegrass, but I’ll dip into jazz, swing music, big band, or classic rock at times.  On Sundays I always opt for a gospel number.  (It’s the bluegrass way.)  I try to post songs that not only have a nice melody and lyrics that tell a story, but that also have some personal meaning to me.  I never hear ‘River of Jordan’ that I don’t think of Indie, and his remarkable ability to forgive.  He said he got it from Jesus and the River.  I believe him, ’cause Indie always told me the truth, even when it wasn’t pretty.

        Y’all have a fine Sunday, and I’ll talk to you in the morning for my regular Monday Morning Post.

Dr. B

Redemption Awaits

December 15, 2009

        I have a saying I like:  “If you want to do some good in the world you can count on resistance.  If you want to do wrong you can count on being granted significant latitude.”

        I once remarked to a friend I couldn’t understand why people were persecuting someone; it seemed to me he was doing his best to do right.

        My buddy said, “I don’t know Doc, they did it to Jesus didn’t they?”

       I never forgot that.  This was a simple country man, but he had a lot of wisdom.  One can expect a hard time for doing right.

        One of the themes of my book is redemption.  My Lit agent always says the King James is the backbone of Southern Literature.  The longer I know him the smarter he gets.

        This morning on FaceBook my friend Cliff Searcy posted on this subject.  Go check it out.  After I read over his thoughts these words came to me.  If Jesus can rise from the dead, there is hope for redemption for all of us.

‘Redemption Awaits’  

Just as sure as He
Rose from the dead
The spirit can rise in you
Just when you think
All in lost
And don’t know what to do
Turn to Him
And let your soul within
Give you life anew

I hope all of you have a blessed day.

Dr. B