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What Red White and Bluegrassers Have in Common

July 1, 2010

        All kinds of people have shown interest in, and bought “The Mandolin Case.” They include, but are not limited to firefighters, policemen, mandolin players, truck drivers, banjo pickers, doctors. lawyers, chicken farmers, school teachers, accountants, singers, and preachers.

        Heck, even hospital administrators tell me they love it. One said it was the best new medical book he’d read in some time. He was out watering his flowers when the U.P.S. truck drove up and the book arrived. An hour later he realized he had ’bout drowned his plants! I might get him some new ones if they die. 

       The readers come in all shapes and sizes and from many different backgrounds.

        However, they all have two things in common. For one they are true bluegrass and agree to keep the bad guys away from me. Second, so far everyone in Harvey County who has read the book agrees on this: If they make a movie of “The Mandolin Case,” and it calls for a bluegrass DJ to spin the songs, they want it to be Dennis Jones. I’ve heard it enough now that Jerry Clower would say it’s scripture.

        When they call for a vote, he’s my candidate. Other than my agent Dennis was the first person to suggest they make a movie outta the thing, and I dance with who brung me. I wrote the book, so I figure I get a say so. You can’t go wrong with Dennis.

Dr. B


Red White and Bluegrass Early Sales Figures

June 30, 2010

        It’s early evening. A cool breeze has knocked off the heat. The cidadias sing in the trees. My brand new virgin white Ez-Up tent tried to trap me like an octopus changing clothes in a phone booth, but I out-witted the rascal, and didn’t even pinch my fingers. A talented new family band is on the stage.

        I get my mandolin off the stand at my side and play along.  I’ve never been a biz guy, but early sales are brisk. I send the profits with my Marfar to scout for supper, and I know we have enough left over for Mr. Harold’s home-made ice cream too.

        Doc is a pig in mud. The business plan was only enacted one hour ago and it works to perfection. I’m where I’ve always been, just nowadays I have a book and a tent instead of sitting in the sun. This is total tranquility. Y’all come visit.

 Dr. B