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A Reason I Write

August 28, 2011

        I got a message from a reader. Along the way, she  had several tragedies in her life and was treated unfairly at times. She read “The Mandolin Case” and it gave her hope that there were people out there who still treat people fairly; doctors who do love their patients, care about their families, and try to do the right thing. She said as she read the story her understandable bitterness dissipated for a moment.

                Because of my recent illness I had to slow down but I still write. That kind of feedback makes every hour of struggle worth it. To know my book made the life of one human being a little better; a person I have never met but who knows me only through my written words is a huge thrill to a writer. It is why I write.

                I’m making small bits of progress on “Acquisition Syndrome.” Because of my visual impairment progress is slower than I’d hoped for but I to have it out by spring. It is still in need of serious edit, but  they do like the content of the book. It shows what I hoped to show. I believe that medicine should be a healing art and not a business. Yes, I made a decent living but I always put patients first and worried about the money later. We own our home and educated our children, we will not miss any meals, so it was all good. That was enough. The modern trend of treating patients as “customers” or cash flow revenue stream is no fun. I hold out hope “Acquisition Syndrome” will show this. I wrote the book to try to pass on some life lessons I believe important and should not be lost. I hope y’all will bear with me and take a look at it when it is finally released. If you like it I hope recommend to people. 

        All the best and thanks for reading.

Dr. B