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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

July 17, 2009

        I don’t know about y’all, but I love the song ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’  Even as a kid, poor Judy Garland sang it like someone who was destined to see some hard times.  I felt sorry for her back then, but the way she sang I am confident she found peace in eternity.

        One of my young FaceBook book friends wrote today that she was sitting on top of a rainbow and had the world by a string.  I liked that imagery.

        I wrote back that somewhere over the rainbow was a life of perpetual grace and dignity and I hoped she’d pull a few strings for me.  Maybe some of my patients would be blessed in the process.

        I left for work.  The first guy I saw was a fellow I have been worried about.  He is in the throws of something very bad, and suffers with a lot of pain.  We talked a while.

        At the end of our conversation, I said, “Well brother, I do know this.  Some where out there a pretty young blond lady angel is pulling a few strings for you.”  

        “Really, Doc?”


        “Dang.”  He broke into a broad grin.

          I sent him back to the pain Docs for some tweaking, but I think he was better before he left the office.  It confirms what I’ve always believed.  Somehow, some way, somewhere over the rainbow we are all in this thing together.

Dr. B