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May 11, 2011

        I got a note on my desk the other day from this sweet young lady. Her Dad and I played basketball together many years ago. It makes you realize “The Mandolin Case” is a “Circle Be Unbroken” kind of project. -Dr. B

        “I saw the write-up in Our State Magazine and really enjoyed reading the book. I loved reading how Bones and Indie escape tough times through their music. It’s a beautiful get-away.”  -B.B.G.

        I have to admit this kind of feedback makes my day. I also added it to my “Quotes From Readers” page.

Dr. B


Quote of the Day

April 8, 2011

        This one is from bluegrasser Al Stover over on FaceBook.

        “For those who understand no explanation is necessary, for those that don’t understand no explanation is possible.”

       Al says it came from Harley Davidson lore, but I found it applicable in the art world, too.

Dr. B

Quote For The Day

February 23, 2011

        I think this came from the Army Corp of Engineers. Sometimes it applies to the doctor gig.

        “The difficult we can do immediately; the impossible will take a day or two.”

        I’m off today. The quote applies to golf too, but there it makes no difference. I’ve never understood guys who curse and throw clubs. To me it’s just a walk in the park. When I have folks dying of cancer, I can’t take the game seriously.

        With a grandchild on the way I hope to teach ’em a little golf, but I don’t want them to be too worked up over it.

Dr. B