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Quote for the Day

May 5, 2011

        I can’t remember where I heard this one, but I like it. It was in reference to music, but it applies to writing, medicine, golf, and most likely many other disciplines.

       “The amateur practices until they can play it right; the professional practices until they can’t play it wrong.”

        I know this: every great musician I know has practiced a whole lot more than I have.

        I won’t give myself credit for too much, but I will for this fact: I am a persistent rascal. There were always smarter and more talented people around, but I worked as hard to be good doctor when I was a young man as anyone I know. At the suggestion of my sweet wife I slowed down a little as I got older so I wouldn’t die young.

        I’ve often said when I get to the Pearly Gates St. Peter will ask, “Son, did you do your best with the talents He gave you?”  

       I’ll reply, “Oh yes Sir, I sure did. Yes, Sir,” and then start to rush on in.

       St. Peter will say, “Just a minute, son. I have few more questions.”

        And I’ll say, “Yes sir, I’m sorry for any and all mistakes I made and I have faith I am forgiven.”

        Then he’ll say, “You may come on in now.”

Dr. B


Quote for the Day

December 17, 2010

         My daughter sent this one to me. Does the kid know me or what? 

        “A doctor has opportunities for studying human nature which are given to no one else, wherefore a philosopher ought to begin his life as a doctor, and a doctor should end his life by becoming a philosopher.”   –Ancient Greek saying.

        After a life-time in this biz, it’s no wonder to me docs are a strange breed of cat. Your daily routine sees a constant wave of human pain and suffering, much of which you are powerless to resolve. I owe what sanity I have to my faith, family, and art. In the end I had to write in hopes I might pass it on, and ease someone else’s burden somewhere down the road.

        Dr. B