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New Publication Schedule

June 22, 2011

         Hello all. At least while I deal with this illness (brain tumor) I am going to go to a once a week publication schedule for my blog. The Monday Morning post will be here every week. Also, I do plan to continue a daily short post on FaceBook, “The Song of the Day,” every day, so you can catch me there too. In addition my publisher maintains the official “Mandolin Case” page on Facebook and will post new things there also.

         I will use the time well. Most of it will bededicated to trying to kick my tumor, (“Long Gone”) out of its unlawful residence, and we are making progress. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands and I’ve made good progress on “Acquisition Syndrome,” the sequel to “The Mandolin Case.” I believe I will have very solid draft to the publisher by August 1. (They will take it from there to editor etc. Also I am at work on an essay on how I dealt with cancer and I anticipate it to also be publisher/editor ready by August 1. (this will be an inexpensive item; I will dedicate a Monday post to it soon.) I can not predict how long it will take from there to publication. It might not be all that long for the essay/pamphlet. The book of course will take a while.

        I thank all  of you for being my readers. You are more than that, you have become part of my heart, spirit, and soul. You are a big part of my healing process and I’m grateful for every one of you.

Look for me here every Monday and on FB daily. See ya there.

Dr. B