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The Tom Bibey Tour Schedule

August 15, 2008

        I have had a number of people ask me to post a schedule of my gigs, and I just never get around to it.  For one thing, even though I am semi-retired, I still am fairly busy as a Doc and it keeps me close to home.  And too, for a guy who posts twice a week on all kinda details of my doctor/bluegrass world, in real life I am very private.  I suppose it comes from years of indoctrination in the art of secret keeping. 

        John Hartford used to say bluegrass was the last American small town where everybody knows everybody, and it is.  At the same time the Internet is such a vast abyss that I have to admit it scares a country boy just a bit.

        For most part our shows are local affairs.  We play for the Heart Association chicken picking, or over at the Nursing Home.  As Moose says, if it calls for a bluegrass band, we’ll be there- weddings, funerals, divorce parties, gas station grand openings- heck, if they still had hangings I reckon we’d play those.  ( I am glad they don’t.)

        We do get out some.  We have played as far North as Galax, and as far East as we can go (the beach) without crossing the pond.  And, we’ve traveled West as far as Nashville.  In fact, sometime this year I hope to go on a Mississippi/Memphis road trip- will keep you posted.

        But, most of my life is very mundane.  For example, take this weekend.  I’m on call.  I’ll probably spend the weekend in deep discussion of stool softeners and constipation.  There will be some highlights though.  I am going to visit Indie at the Nursing Home, and he never fails to have a tale to tell.  Will update you sometime before Monday.

        Talk to you then.

Dr. B