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Don’t Trample on Me (Or esp my People)

February 17, 2010

        As my book gets closer, I have had a lot of people ask why I was so driven to write it.  Even if the free world gets together and tries to figure out a way to stop me they will fail.

         Along the way I saw a lot of things I didn’t like.  My biggest pet peeve was when rich and powerful people tried to take advantage of the less fortunate.  That never failed to get my blood up.

        When I was young the resolution of such issues presented a dilemma.  I saw how the wicked handled things.  It was easy to be mean and not get taken advantage of.  All you had to do was fire some innocents, hire some bad a^^ lawyers, or even worse resort to physical violence.  As best I could tell it didn’t take much of a brain to do it that way either.  Any fool could do it.

        What I wanted to figure out was how to be a decent person and still not get trampled on.  That required some creativity that bordered on art, but I found some key strategies to see me through.  That is what I want to share and I am going to do so.  In fact, I have a series of three books planned. The entire plan will take that many pages to show.

        I had several people try to take advantage of me along the way, but I dodged them as sure as a matador who waves a cape in front of one of those pea brained bullies.  And if they tried to get after my family or my people I was even more tenacious.  But I am proud to say I was able to deal with them but not give up the sense of grace and dignity my wife and I sought out years ago.  I had to write to show other good people how it happened, that they might find the path easier for my experience.

        Oh, you might wonder what happened to the bad guys.  They are still out there.  In the end, I always let ’em go.  I was like a fisherman with a catch on the hook.  I’d let them jump back in the water and watch them swim away.  I know they’re gonna come back.  When they do, I’ll catch ’em again.  It’s easy ’cause they are so dim-witted and predictable they always try the same things.  I can deal them while I play my mandolin.  I can only smile as I watch them sweat and scheme and worry over just what they are gonna do, ’cause I know where it’s gonna go. 

        I am the nice man I seem.  I try to treat everyone with respect.  But to anyone out there with a notion they are gonna take advantage of my people; oh well…

Dr. B