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What’s on Your Book Shelf? (The Revolution is at Hand)

July 13, 2010

        It’s 90 in the shade with humidity to match, but here’s a cool spot to hang out this summer. 

        My agent forwarded this site to me. It’s an online book club. You can list your favorite books, check out what other readers have to say about books might want to read, and post reviews.

        For a guy like me who got picked up by a small publisher, it is a way to tell other independent readers of not only of my book, but others written by artists more interested in diversity than conformity.  

        I recall the publisher who turned mine down because (in his opinion) “bluegrass people won’t read.”

       I can picture him this summer. His footsteps echo as he walks down the corridors of the large publishing house he once called home. He drifts past the empty cubicles and checks the doors of abandoned offices. He calls the names of his former co-workers but no one answers. The boss’s secretary calls. It seems the lease is due for renewal. The big man wants to talk; something has to give. 

       I hope he will join us in our world. From the comfort of home, or via a wireless connection on the boat dock at Indie’s cabin in the pines, we all can now interact with the whole world in an instant, and don’t have to get his permission either.

        Maybe he’ll figure out what went wrong. He forgot the whole reason to write. It ain’t got a thing to do with money, power, ego, or big offices. It has all to do with connecting with other people of like mind, and there are more of us than he knew about. You can’t meet many new folks from a bunker.

        If y’all like my book and those by other writers like me who love the craft and have no aspirations other than to pursue the dream check out the website :

        We are writers and we aren’t going away. A revolution is at hand and no one can stop us now.

Dr. B