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New Pages and Gettin’ Antsy

June 20, 2010

        I put up two new pages today, “The Mandolin Case”- Web Site Link and Quotes and Book Tour Schedule. The link for these pages is on the right hand side of the Home Page. The link to the website is I also added it to my blogroll for good measure.

        Any day now I should be able to post a formal link to Amazon on my website. As it turned out, when the info was first transmitted to Amazon the publisher was not given proper credit by the powers that be, and they weren’t happy about it. If they were gonna take a chance on an unknown crazy doctor they at least wanted to recognized for it. I don’t blame them for that. They won’t let me link to Amazon from my website until they clear up the confusion. I’ve come this far, so I’m gonna respect their wishes and not foul it up now.

        Publisher or not though, somehow people have already found “The Mandolin Case” and have begun to order. I hate to tell the publisher, but there’s no way to corral in this Internet crowd. Like bluegrass people, the blog community is an independent bunch with a mind of its own. Might as well try to herd up those wild mustang ponies out on the Outer Banks. It just ain’t gonna happen.

        As far as this old Doc is concerned, between the blog world and this new publishing paradigm we’ve got free speech on steroids. We’re aren’t going away any time soon.

         I’m gettin’ antsy to go live. I’m gonna lean on ’em hard first thing in the AM. I figure that’s the start of the work week and a good time to get after those business types. Y’all wish me luck.

        See ya out there soon. Having fun.

Dr. B