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My Christmas Thoughts

December 25, 2009

        Harvey County might be small, and perhaps we are not that sophisticated, but my heart aches for those who do not hope and pray for a life of grace and dignity for all people.  To me they are as cynical as the mean people what dissed Santa Clause to little Virginia years ago. 

        I realize all your little friends will not believe in Harvey County.  To them I harbor no hate or ill will, but I do ask they listen to the music of Darin and Brooke Aldridge, or read the work of Dr. Tommy Bibey, then open their hearts and try to understand.   Here in Harvey County we believe if humans pray hard and do their best they can overcome hatred and prejudice. 

        There is a better way in this world than hard-hearted and greedy.  It will all be perfect in Eternity, but I believe we do not have to wait till then to at least try to approximate the love God offers us.

                All the best and Merry Christmas,

Dr. B