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DR Strings: My New Sponsor

July 10, 2011

        DR Strings is the newest sponsor of the Tommy Bibey Mandolin Case tour and I am very proud to be associated with them.

        Like every company I am associated with I go back with DR string a ways. Years ago they had a booth at MerleFest and had their strings on special for five bucks. I picked up a few packs and re-strung my Weber signed F5 mandolin. (Because I am now sponsored by Weber I choose not to mention the name on the headstock but that is another story) I tuned it up and hit a few bars. Nice. I was struck by how “slick” and “smooth” these strings were. I remember asking the next year how they did that, and I can’t recall except to say I believe they are hand wound. As I get more information from them I will let you know, but the proof is in the pudding. If you see me at a book show, give me a holler and I’ll let you play my mandolin and let you see for yourself; these are excellent stings.

        Also I’d like to thank my case sponsor, Cedar Creek Custom Cases, for recommending me to DR. If I live until next year at MerleFext (and I think I will) I’ll be at their booth again. Usually DR is set up just a few doors down, so I am certain I’ll wander over there to demonstrate these fine strings and let you try them out.

        DR strings; Dr. B recommended. It is a nice fit isn’t it? Whether studying for Boards or choosing a mandolin string I am always happy to be associated with the best.   

Dr. B