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Doctor Visits/Jets and Cargo Planes

September 29, 2008

        When I was a kid, my Dad gave prizes for all the kids who came to the doctor’s office.  He used to get these little plastic airplanes.  Most of them were these dull cargo planes, and there were some U.S. Mail carriers and a few crop dusters in there. 

        But if you opened up the bag and scattered them out on the floor, there were always a couple of fighter jets.  I forgot what they were- X-15s or something like that- but they were very cool.  My brothers and I would go up to the office to pilfer them.  I was so bad I’d tell Dad I was tired, and wanted to get my hemoglobin checked.  (The bag of planes was in the lab) When they got to doing other things, I’d sift thought the bag and get the jets.

        The other day I was over at Mom’s house, and saw all those jet airplanes in a bag.  I asked asked her if I could take them to the office.

        When I gave out the first one, the reaction was predictable.  “Cool, Dr. Tommy.  Wait till I show my Dad.”

        I can’t wait till they do, ’cause one of those fathers is gonna say, “Well, I went to his Daddy and all he had was those dumb cargo planes.”

        Makes me feel like a kid again.

        Gonna be in and out for a few days, so I could be slow to post and respond to comments, but I’ll get to ’em.  If you young’uns are good, I might send ya a jet airplane in the mail for the best ones, who knows?

Dr. B