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Who Needs a Name Tag!?

May 15, 2009

        We got a notice the other day that the State Board is spot checking to be sure all the Docs wear their name tags.

        I understand where that comes from (I guess) because there are impostors out there, but it does seem they should have better things to do.  Here in Harvey County if I was to go rob a bank, the teller would say, “Well for Heaven’s sake Dr. B, you know Mr. Henry will give you a loan.  There ain’t no need for that.  Hey, can you see mama today?  Her neuralgia is flaring up.”

          And so it goes.  One time the Board issued a position statement that ‘providers’ should not treat friends and family.  Well, after twenty-five years here in the County just who the hell do they think I’m gonna treat?

          I went to medical school with a guy whose dream was to be on that Board.  I don’t know if he ever got there or not, but he had the clear perception he was a superior human being who needed to micromanage the lives of others.

          I know the Board does some important things, and I am confident I do not understand all their responsibilities.  But, I’d like to make a them a deal.  As soon as they stamp out Docs who trade drugs for sex, or sleep with little intern girls then hide behind some technicality, for that matter as soon as they insist all Docs treat their people with respect and dignity without fail, then by God I’ll make sure I wear my name tag every single day.

         I don’t know what to do about the family and friends thing, though.  That’s all the patients I have and I have no idea where they would go to get medical care.

Dr. B