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A Mandolin Duet CD – “The Kid and Dr. B”

October 26, 2011

        I just started work on a mandolin duet CD with Darin Aldridge. It is titled “The Kid and Dr. B.” Darin is no longer a kid, but I have known him since he was one, thus the name. As far as I know it will be the only mandolin duet CD which also features storytelling and some generic medical advice; something different anyway, huh?

        The first session went well. If you hear a few clanger notes I assure you it is me and not Darin, but we are working with Greg Luck and he’ll help me pare away the flaws to a minimum. The CD has several goals. One is to honor the relationship with Darin, who has taught me a lot of mandolin over years. Also, I have worked with Wayne Benson since late 2007. I’ve often said if a student can’t learn the mandolin with Darin on his right hand and Wayne on his left there is no hope! As they say on the PGA tour, “these guys are good!” Wayne and his fine student Jacob Moore, and also Alan Bibey (“Cuz”) and one of his students plan to put one cut on the CD. I studied under Alan at the Roanoke sessions and some of his workshops years ago. If you could pick three instructors, I didn’t do too bad huh?

        We have another session scheduled next month so I’ll keep you posted as to the progress.

Dr. B