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Healing Songs and Peppermints

November 1, 2009

        I’ve been a little slow to get as much posted, because I’ve been sick a little while.  Don’t worry; I’m on the mend.  Once a year, I’ll get a bad case of laryngitis.  When it happens I get behind on my work, especially my dictation.  But I always take it as a reminder of how lucky I’ve been.  Most of my patients are far worse off.

        Whenever I get sick, I always look for the same things.  My wife is good with crafts and such, and she has an afghan of hers on the couch I’ll curl up with.  She makes some kinda concoction called a ‘comfort egg.’  Maybe I’m just prejudiced, but I think her chicken soup is the best in the world.  My mama used to give me peppermint candy and a Coca-Cola whenever I got any kind of virus.  My kids knew this and would always bring me both what few times I got sick along the way.  Sometimes when I’m ill and it snows I can recall those old days as a kid at home so vividly that I am compelled to go out in the truck to find some Co-Cola and peppermint candy.  It might sound irrational to you, but it works.  Besides, I’m a man of science, so it must be true. 

        Of course I always look for some healing songs, too.  My Song of the Day on FaceBook was ‘He Ain’t Never.’ The version that came to mind was Darin and Brooke Aldridge’s.  You can’t help but be energized when you hear Brooke sing that one.  If instead I want a big laugh, I’ll pull out a tape of one of the gigs from my old doctor band. I played the banjo back then and they introduced me as ‘The Harvey County Flash.’  Believe me, there has never been much flashy about old doc, and today I am extra sluggish. 

        But I take comfort.  Like old Dad always says, tomorrow will be a better day.  I have my family, my friends, and my music and the Good Lord always sees to it to heal me up by Monday to doctor another day.  For breakfast, Ill have a comfort egg, some hot tea, and a Co-Cola.  I’ll be okay.

        Most  bluegrassers know healing has very little to do with pills, and everything to do with people. What are the healing songs for you guys?  I’d like to know, ’cause next time I’m sick they might be the very tunes that bring me comfort.  Then y’all can say you healed the doc.  

        I’m gonna go have a peppermint and put on some music.

Dr. B