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Making progress

August 7, 2011

We had a fine week at the Bibey household. As usual my wife made sure that I got the best nutrition, hydration and medical care  and I continue to feel a little better. We ended up the week at the Fletcher Feed and Seed  where I jammed with the Moore Brothers. If you do not know their work do check them out.  They are extraordinarily talented but they are also young people who respect their elders and treat everybody with kindness. They are already ace players  yet there is not a hint 0f arrogance about them. I truly do not play at their level yet they welcome me as if I were long lost family. On Sunday morning some old friends invited us out to breakfast. We talked over golf  matches and college days. I want to reassure you that I feel like I am getting a stronger and I don’t believe this is going to overwhelm me.  I want you to know that I appreciate all the prayers, concerns, cards and letters.  They have truly been a blessing and they have helped to heal me.

zDSee y’all out on the bluegrass road.

zDr. B