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Bluegrass First Class 2011

February 20, 2011

        As always Bluegrass First Class was a lot of fun. It was family and great bands and jam sessions and books and food. “The Mandolin Case” continues to bring new readers and friends. The bluegrass crowd understands what is important as well as any group of people I’ve ever known.

      And while I’m on the concept of important, I must reiterate that the notion of Grandpa is still a shock and awe deal to me. I looked at my wife and said, “Heck, we just got married. Are they old enough to have kids?”

       “Yes dear.”

       I’ll be back soon. Right now I just want to think about it all for a few days.

Dr. B



February 19, 2011

        My son announced his wife is due in October. My goodness.

        I once read men did much of what they do in subconscious recognition that none of it ever can measure up to the creativity of birth.  I gotta agree with that.

        My respect for women goes back to Mom. I recall at age twelve or so I realized my feet had gotten bigger than the old loafers she wore around the house. It didn’t seem right. Still doesn’t.

        I have tried to my best in life. I remember when my boy came along. I thought “Lord help me. This is a whole lot more important than Organic Chemistry, and there’s no book to memorize so you can just fill in the right bubbles on a test.”

       But we did fine. Every so often me and him would get in trouble, but between his Mama and his baby sister (my daughter) they’d straighten us out.

       The world seems so much complicated these days, though. I hope I can be a good grandfather. I’d like to be able to show another generation life ain’t really that complicated. All you gotta do is pray hard and hold your people close. I’m gonna keep doing that and see how it works out.

        I gotta tell you though, I’m in awe, and can only pray I’ll be worthy of the role.

Dr. B