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Reasons to be

April 22, 2012

        Yeah, I have an illness, but here’s plenty of reason to keep on trying. 

Dr. B


Grandchild Christening

January 1, 2012

        This weekend was the christening service for the grandchild. My goodness.

        All of the family made it in force. The preacher had plenty of good words of wisdom out of The Book, and the baby didn’t fuss over the sprinkling. My daughter-in-law wanted us to play “Amazing Grace.” Darin was there and I brought a guitar and a mandolin so we were more than happy to comply. We also did “”What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” My brother’s wife asked for “Jesus Loves Me,” so we cooked up a quick rendition of that. I guess twenty years from now when he asks about the ceremony they can say the denomination was Christian, Methodist, and Bluegrass Gospel. The parents were the boss of course, so we let them plan it and did what we could to help make it happen. It seemed like a fine way for a baby to start out to me.

        We went back home to ham, all kinds of sides, Mom’s homemade potato soup, good bluegrass black coffee and pecan pie. Mercy!

        Darin and I picked a few more tunes, mostly out of the old Bomb Shelter repertoire from when my children were growing up, songs like “Catfish John,” “Don’t This Road Look Rough and Rocky,” and “I Wonder How the Old Folks Are at Home.” Everyone sang along. My son joined in on the stand-up bass, so that brought back memories too. 

        We raised ours in the music and it all worked out fine. My son and his wife want to raise the new baby in it too and I’m gonna help all I can.

        I’ll post pictures soon. I hope y’all have a Happy New Year. 

Dr. B

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Blog Program For This Important Annoucement

October 16, 2011

        We used to sing an old Reno and Smiley number around the house a lot. One line was “An Angel sent from Heaven you’re everything that’s good. You’re perfect just the way you are I wouldn’t change you if I could.” Well, except for diapers it’s true all over again.  

        We just had the addition of our first grandchild to our family. He has a full head of hair, a fine smile, excellent temperament, nurses well, recognizes family already, and I believe he likes mandolin music. I played “Over the Rainbow” in a chord melody for him, and he went right to sleep. (A full stomach didn’t hurt anything, I’m sure.)

        I once read that some men are driven to be creative because deep down inside they know they can never create anything as wonderous as a baby. I agree with that. How could anything be more beautiful?

        We have hundreds of pics, but I won’t hit you with all of them. These two are of me with the baby and my daughter right after the lullaby.    

        I’ll tell you more about my artistic projects soon. I will do my best, but don’t expect them to be that dramatic. Nothing could ever trump a grandchild.