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We Live in Two Different Worlds Dear

December 12, 2009

        For those of you not familiar with bluegrass music, pick up an old LP by Jim and Jesse McReynolds and give it a listen.  Jesse is world-famous for his cross-picking mandolin style, and their harmony work is as tight as it gets.

        Their songs always tell a story too.  Like books, songs can have different messages for different folks.  ‘Two Different Worlds, Dear’ had a special connotation for me, and it’s unlikely it’d be in the way you might think. 

       Year ago we had an employee who didn’t see eye to eye with me.  She wasn’t a bad person; we were just different.  She wanted to upgrade our ‘image’ at the office.  Once a salesman convinced her we needed some background music.  She chose some awful canned music, and was quite unhappy when I nixed the deal.  I sure wasn’t gonna pay all that money if the man didn’t have anything by the Stanley Brothers.  She didn’t like the Stanleys, a bad sign. Her idea of lunch was to close the office and all go eat at some fancy restaurant to improve morale.  I favored a take-out bucket of chicken to share with the patients. 

         Over the years we don’t have many former employees.  Most have been with us for decades.  The few who have left always parted due to some variation of a theme, though.  They all believed the organization should be about them.  I believe it should be about the patient.  She aspired to be our PR person and wanted a ‘corporate’ membership at the club so she could spend the day over there and be our public representative to bring more ‘money’ people into the practice.  My perspective was if we took good care of our patients that was all the PR we needed.

        When she left she said she just didn’t understand why we couldn’t get along.  I felt bad ’cause she cried about it, but it just wasn’t meant to be.  I told her the answer was in Jim and Jesse and she asked who they were.

        She  has been very successful since then and now runs the lingerie department in an upscale ladies store.  We don’t cross paths.  I guess it’s ’cause we live in two different worlds.  

        From what I hear my old colleague is a pretty good sales lady.  I thought about trying to get her to sell a few tickets for the next big show in town, but decided it was best to leave it be.  I can’t be anything but what I am and I guess she couldn’t either.  Some folks just don’t see the world the same way and that is okay.         

Dr. B