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An Old Man’s Prayer

April 23, 2011

        “Lord, why do I have to be so slow these days? Why, when I was a young man I could run so fast.”

        “I see you don’t have to walk with a cane. You should be thankful.”

        “Yes, Sir. I guess so; I know You are right. My steps are awful slow, though. I’m getting to be an old man.”

        “You’re not old, you’re just a few steps closer to Heaven. Surely your prayer is not that I speed those steps up? I have found if people get a glimpse of Heaven while they are still on Earth, as you have been so fortunate to do, they sometimes will get in a hurry.”

        “Uh, well …. uh, yes, Sir. I understand. No, I’m not in a hurry, Sir.”

         “Good, because I have work left for you to do on Earth before you come Home for good. Besides, what’s the rush? This Eternity is a long gig. It’ll wait on you.”

        “Okay. Got it. I’ll follow your path.”

        “You’re getting older. The road can be rough and rocky. I don’t want you to trip and fall. So, be careful. And, take your time.”

        “Yes, Sir. I promise.”

Dr. B


Easter and Another Chance

April 2, 2010

        Just a brief post today before the holiday. My kids are both gonna be in. When they are home I tend to get lazy and spent the time with them.

        I did want to update you on my progress.  I’ve had a few more articles placed in music publications, and I am making progress on my book. Right now a graphic artist is designing a cover. I guess it is possible they could change their mind and say no, but I believe the odds of that are less than one percent. I hope to tell you more soon.

         Here is one lesson in Indie’s story. Indie always said it didn’t take any talent to be wicked.  Any fool could do that.  To be a decent person and not get take advantage requires creativity to the point of art. In ‘The Mandolin Case” you will see what he means, and I look forward to the chance to show his story.

        Here’s my Easter wish for all my readers. I pray all of you will get to live a life of grace and dignity. If people insist they must deny you that right, then I hope they will leave you alone so you can be happy. If they don’t, well, maybe the lessons I learned and have posted on my blog or the story of “The Mandolin Case” might give you some insight as to how you might out-wit them.

        After all, Easter is a time for rejuvenation, a time for a second chance.  Jesus knew none of us are perfect, and if we trust in Him we’ll all be set free. This will be true in Heaven for sure. I hope we don’t have to wait that long though. Maybe we’ll see some glimpse of Heaven while we are here on Earth. I believe God doesn’t want us to live in fear and intimidation. I’ve been very fortunate not to have to live that way. This Easter I pray for the same for all my friends and readers.

        All the best guys. I’ll be in and out untill Monday and will talk to you then.

Dr. B


April 12, 2009

        Every year at Easter sunrise I am reminded that none of us human beings are perfect, yet we have a chance for redemption.   Easter is all about grace and mercy.  For me the definition of grace is being given what I have not earned.  And mercy is not getting what I deserve.

        Easter Sunrise Service was today.  Indie always loved that service.  “Bibey, old boy,” he’d say.  “Every time that sun comes up, we’ve got another shot at it.”  Indie always tried his hardest, but never worried when he wasn’t perfect.  No human being is, but Indie got a lot of it right. 

        Mountain John played ‘Up From the Grave He Arose’ at the service today.  He came by the cabin afterwards, and we picked a few tunes.  “Wonder what Indie would have us play?” I asked.

        “I don’t know,” John said.  How ’bout ‘Whiskey Before Breakfast?”

         I laughed.  “Yeah, Indie would like that.”

        “One time he and I played it for a Girl Scout Convention,” John said.  “Indie insisted we call it by the Irish title, ‘The White Spire.’  Indie said little girls didn’t need to hear about no whiskey.”

        “Yep.  That was Indie.”

        We broke into the tune.  I’ll always remember Indie at Easter.

        “The only Perfect One died on the Cross, boy.  All the rest of us can do is our best.” –  Indie Jenkins

Dr. B

Indie’s Gone/Easter is Near

April 10, 2009

        I’m gonna be on a reduced schedule for a few days.  I have a funeral to go to.  Indie didn’t make it all the way to Easter.  Bless his heart, I think he decided to pass on so as not to foul up everyone’s holiday.

        I can’t find the words yet; I guess I ain’t that great a writer.  Jesus was the Lifeboat, but He sent me a lot of humans to help along the way.  Indie was at the top of my list.  Whenever I saw hard times, and I have seen a lot as a Doc, Indie was the cat who saw me through.

        Indie wouldn’t have us grieve long.  He always said he wasn’t one bit worried about how he might die; he was more concerned with living good.  He did that.

       Indie cut a wide swath while he was here.  If any Doc ever convinced me we were only human, it was Indie.  When I first gave him my manuscript to read, I told him I was gonna show the whole story, imperfections and all.

        He opened the box, pulled out the draft, and flipped through a few pages.  Then he took a draw off his cigarette and said, “Bibey, I ain’t one damn bit worried about that.  It’s a well known fact I have no known imperfections,” and then laughed out loud.  Indie was more comfortable with himself than anyone I’ve ever known.

        Indie went to church but he didn’t make it every Sunday.  He said he was a half-ass Episcopalian, but he always went to the weddings and funerals to sing.  He thought it was respectful.  He always made the Easter Sunrise service too.  We’d watch the sun come up and then go to the cabin.  Indie’d cook up bacon and eggs.  He always had a basket for the kids.  After breakfast he’d get out his fiddle and we’d play a few tunes.

        Indie was all about rememption and forgiveness.  “We’re only human, Bibey.  We can’t help that.”

        I’m not sure how we’ll get over Indie being gone.  I’m gonna start Sunday at the Sunrise Service, and then go to the cabin and cook up some bacon and eggs.  Marfar said she’d get a basket together for the young’uns, and then I’m gonna play a tune in his memory.

        Maybe he ain’t gonna be there, but then again I believe he is and always will be.  There was only one Indie, and in spite of his flaws he was my hero.

Dr. B