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Doyle Dykes Sept 20th Shelby Music Center

September 4, 2011

       I have become very interested in the music scene in a medium-sized town named Shelby, North Carolina. Harvey County just doesn’t have anything like they do.  The Don Gibson Theater, the Earl Scruggs Museum, which is to open in 2012, and a very vibrant local and regional acoustic music scene; they have it going on. There is a regular jam session every Saturday afternoon at Shelby Music Center which I try to get to once a month. The owner,  John, hosts events that often feature musicians of world-class talent.

        On September 20, 2011, 7:00PM, the great Doyle Dykes will be at Shelby Music Center to put on a master guitar clinic. There is a $20 cover charge and he is worth at least twice that. His lovely daughter Haley, who is a wonderful little mandolin player and singer, often travels with him. The store phone is 704 487 7404 and e-mail is

        I’ve known Doyle for a number of years now. To give you an idea of his guitar skill when Chet Atkins planned his own funeral he asked Doyle Dykes to play when the time came!  Doyle is not only the best finger style guitarist I’ve ever heard, but even more important he is also a humble and kind Christian man who treats everybody with respect.

        As an additional bonus Al Dunkleman along with good old Dr. B have the honor to open for him; a true blessing for me. 

        I have rule I’ve gone by for years. If anybody shows up anywhere near home and they are the best in the world at what they do, I go regardless of genre. If they are the best I try to go see them whether they shoot pool, swim, water ski, or play golf. That rule has never failed me. I learn something every time and have enjoyed every experience. Come on out. You won’t regret it.

Dr. B