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Doctor’s Orders- A Little Dab’ll do Ya

November 20, 2009

        Yesterday Lynn O’Carroll brought me a note from the nursing home.  It seems the young secretary over there couldn’t read my order.  I don’t know why.  After twenty-five years Lynn and Myrd can read my writing without fail. In fact, they can ’bout near skip the paper work and read my mind.

        She handed me a copy of the order.  “The secretary thought it read “one dab to leg today.”

       I looked at it.  “Hm.  Looks okay to me.  What did you think it said?”

       “Oh, I got it.  It says apply TID.  She wanted to know how much a dab was.”  (There are a lot of new school folks in the medical field nowadays.)

       “Maybe you shoulda told her a little dab’ll do ya.”

        Lynn smiled.  “I’m afraid she was too young to get that either, Dr. B.  I told her to just put on little bit three times a day.”

        “Thanks for translating.  Sometimes I wonder if I am getting too old for this business.”

        “Naw, Doc.  You’re just fooling ’em with the gray hair.”

        Bless both Lynn and Myrd’s hearts.  For a quarter century they’ve been making old Doc look better than what he is.

Dr. B